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Internet connectivity with a laptop or cell phone has never been easier than it is with Connection Manager LITE. It automatically detects available networks and automates the creation and management of connection settings. Allows laptop users seamless migration between LAN or wireless network support. Connection Manager LITE also easily manages your access points across every commercially available network deployed today, including WiFi, business ethernet (DSL and cable) or home networks and standard modems. Connection Manager LITE allows you to save two profiles, enabling the mobile user to create and save a profile each time a connection to a new network is made. Each profile retains connection settings for future use including IP settings, and email parameters information. Connection Manager LITE is the ideal utility for wireless networking for road warriors and business travelers, whether it's using wi-fi hotspots, laptop wireless internet access or network connection troubleshooting in general. The Pro version of this product offers unlimited account profiles, and offers top grade security measures as well.

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